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Gunplan Air Rifle Insurance

Airgun and air rifle shooting is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the UK and a very low cost answer to keeping pest levels in check. Due to the low cost of ammunition and the fact air rifles are quiet and easy to use, both the amateur and professional pest control industries are using this form of pest control more and more.

In addition, air rifles are used in target shooting competitions, both formal as well as recreational. These competitions may be set in indoor ranges or take place outside using ‘field targets’ whether paper bullseye targets or live targets such as quail or grouse for example.

Air rifle shooting is also a great way to introduce younger participants to the sport of shooting with memberships sky rocketing over the past few years due to the increasing popularity of the sport.

Whether you are a beginner, professional or enthusiast air rifle shooter, it’s strong advisable to take out a air rifle insurance policy to ensure you are protected in the event something goes wrong.

Specialist air rifle insurance

In the right hands, an air rifle is safe, competitions run smoothly without injury and all involved enjoy participating in the great sport that is shooting. However, on occasion, accidents can happen.

Wayward shots can be caught causing serious injury, damage to property and livestock can occur or shooters may suffer a personal injury through a trip or pellet ricochet. An air rifle injury or accident can cause serious damage so it’s vital that you have insurance.

With cover from Gunplan, from just £18.89 per year you are covered for Public Liability for up to £10m should you accidentally cause damage or injure a third party. As we believe our customers should only pay for what they need, this option can be purchased as standalone cover. Gunplan also offers up to £50,000 protection should you be involved in a personal accident.

We can also supply a proof of insurance card to show for when you are at the range.

Insurance for your air rifle equipment

Whether you are a pest control professional, air rifle competitor or at the very least enjoy air rifle sports as a hobby, you will have accrued a certain amount of equipment to allow you to participate recreationally. Clothing, ammunition, telescopic sights, safety gear and the rifles themselves will potentially cost thousands of pounds to replace in the event that they are stolen.

If they are damaged, repair costs can leave you seriously out of pocket and could potentially mean you are unable to compete. Here at Gunplan, we have created an air rifle insurance policy that insures your equipment against theft, loss and damage.

We will even provide new for old cover as standard on guns and any other insured equipment up to three years old if it was purchased new at the time. If your equipment is damaged or stolen, we will cover the cost of equipment hire up to £200. This focus on providing our customers with cover options that they need is the reason why Gunplan is the first choice for shooting and air rifle insurance.

Worldwide insurance cover for air rifle owners and competitors

Air rifle shooting is a great sport that is enjoyed by millions around the world with many competitions taking place across the globe. Hobbyist air rifle shooters travel to competitions or hunts away from the UK, and as such we believe you should be covered at all times in transit and on the range, regardless of your location.

With our worldwide air rifle insurance policies you can be protected from Public Liability, personal accident and your equipment is covered against theft, loss or damage wherever you are.

Going beyond house insurance

Your air rifle equipment is covered when you are out and about – this is something that a vast majority of home and contents insurance policies do not cover. We understand that cover away from home is a vital part of your air rifle insurance policy and something we offer as part of our service. With Gunplan, your equipment is protected with our in vehicle cover, meaning you are protected in transit.

Don’t take the risk, insure your air rifle equipment against theft, loss and damage and cover yourself against Public Liability whilst on a shoot with specialist insurance from gunplan.

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