Gunplan archery and crossbow insurance

If you take part in archery or go crossbow shooting, you’ll need a specialist archery and crossbow shooting insurance policy that protects yourself and your archery and crossbow equipment in case you lose it, get it stolen or it gets damaged. Although those who own a bow and arrow or crossbow and participate in those shooting sports take safety very seriously, it’s vital that you have Public Liability insurance whilst shooting your crossbow to protect you, just in case an accident occurs.

Specialist archery and crossbow accident and Public Liability insurance

If you were to go to an archery club or shooting grounds, most shoots will ask you to provide proof of insurance before you’re allowed to participate. Accidents unfortunately can and do happen. These accidents can be devastating, never mind expensive. This is why Public Liability is essential should something go wrong. With our archery and crossbow shooting insurance policies you are covered against Public Liability as well as any accidents you might still suffer yourself.

Public Liability cover with Gunplan covers you up to £10m and only costs as little as £20.24 per year. We can also provide cover for Personal Accident up to £50,000. We’ll also give you a Public Liability confirmation card that you can show as evidence of your insurance when you attend shoots, and competitions, and visit clubs.

Insurance on your own land or in your garden

If you can’t get to your archery club or shooting grounds but want to keep practicing, then we’re pleased to say that our insurance will cover against any accidents that happen on your own land.

Please note that you need to get permission by the owner of any neighbouring land to do your chosen activity if there is a chance your practicing could impact their property. Please check our insurance documents for terms and conditions of cover.

Insurance for your archery and crossbow equipment

We know that most crossbow owners and archery enthusiasts will have collected lots of high-value equipment to allow them to compete and participate in shooting sports. Consequently, if you were to damage your equipment, lose it, or have it stolen, you may have to pay out a small fortune to replace any bows, arrows, crossbows and any other equipment.

With archery and crossbow shooting insurance from Gunplan, your equipment is insured if it is lost in transit and if your archery or crossbow equipment is stolen from your vehicle (if kept in a locked boot or covered) or bow cabinet. We offer theft and accidental damage cover for your shooting equipment, and we’ll even cover the cost of equipment hire up to £200 to make sure you’re back shooting in no time.

Many common home insurance policies don’t cover shooting equipment, particularly when the equipment has left your home. This is unfeasible for archery and crossbow shooters, as the vast majority of times that you use your equipment, you will have left your home.

Worldwide insurance cover for archery and crossbow shooters

As an archery enthusiast or a competitive crossbow shooter, you may want to try out your skills on foreign shores. While you’re in a foreign country, it’s important to take out specialist archery and crossbow shooting insurance to cover yourself and your equipment in case something was to go wrong.

We don’t only insure archery and crossbow shooting throughout the UK: we also offer our extensive specialist shooting insurance worldwide too. You and your equipment are then protected wherever you choose to do your archery or crossbow shooting. With Gunplan policies, archery and crossbow shooters only pay for the cover they need. Various flexible cover types are optional extras, including worldwide cover.

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Insure your crossbows and archery equipment against theft, loss and damage and cover yourself for Public Liability and Personal Accident whilst on a shoot with specialist insurance from Gunplan.

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