Ten New Year gun care tips to keep you clean in 2016

If the miserable weather is stopping you getting out and about this January, maybe it’s time to convert your energies towards giving your gun a little tender loving care this New Year.

Neglecting the admittedly arduous task of cleaning your gun is a real no no for the keen huntsman and a little effort during these winter months can go a long way towards improving the performance and condition of your weapon.

So here’s 10 tips to ensure you’re ready to shoot come spring time…

1. It’s always a good idea to make sure there is air movement around your gun if it is in a safe

2. Don’t keep the safe lit or heated, it could cause the stock to warm, crack and ‘over-dry’

3. Cleaning rods and ropes should be avoided as they can get covered with filth and corrosive acids

4. Chrome barrels always need a good clean as deposits can build up on the walls

5. Black powder cartridges have become very popular in recent years but they can leave very harmful deposits. Spend extra time cleaning them if this is the case

6. Your gun should always be stored barrel down so any excess oil drains away

7. Always be careful if you’re handling your gun with bloody hands especially if your gun features blued metal work

8. Make sure to remove your chokes regularly and clean them by greasing or oiling a thread before refitting

9. Create a regular routine where all the above are incorporated

10. January is the perfect time to look at getting your gun insurance in order. Remember that many shooters make the mistake of relying on household insurance rather than specialist gun insurance to cover their equipment. Sadly, in most cases, household insurance is unable to cover incidents outside of the home including those at the gun club, at a shoot or in transit. With specialist shooting and gun insurance, you’re covered both inside and outside the home and you avoid raising your household premium if you do happen to make a claim.

Gunplan provides specialist gun insurance for all types of shooting activities including clay pigeon shooting, target shooting, archery and wildfowling. Cover is available for a range of guns and shooting equipment such as rifles, shotguns, air rifles and bows.

Others join shooting membership organisations to get cover – but these are often expensive and come with fluffy extras you may not need or care about. If it’s gun insurance you’re after, why pay extra? With Gunplan, you only pay for the cover you need so you can build your own specialist shooting insurance policy. No frills, just great value cover, allowing you to enjoy your sport with total peace of mind.
With the correct protection, our gun insurance lets you focus on your shooting without having to worry about the what-ifs and potential mishaps. It’s quick and easy to get a personalised quote, so try our gun insurance today – and see how affordable peace of mind can be.

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