With the release of The Revenant, Gunplan counts down the five best wilderness survival films

A box office hit in the US, where it’s even competed with the unstoppable force of Star Wars, The Revenant recently won three Golden Globes (Best Film, Director and Actor) and its leading star, Leonardo DiCaprio is hotly tipped to claim the best actor Oscar at this year’s ceremony.

DiCaprio stars as legendary fur trapper Hugh Glass, a frontier man in 1820s Montana who battles for survival in the face of hostile Native Americans, hungry grizzly bears and sub-40 degree temperatures. It’s an epic story which is sure to appeal to many of us who enjoy the great outdoors and hunting and shooting in particular.

The film’s success also got us thinking here at Gunplan about a few other classic “man vs nature” films which have had us gripped over the years. So here’s our rundown of five other movies in which ordinary people have had to brave the elements and fight for their survival…


The daddy of all wilderness survival films tells the story of four Atlanta businessmen who decide it’s a good idea to canoe down a river in the remote northern Georgia wilderness. Along the way they meet banjo players, gun toting mountain men and much, much worse. A classic which defined the genre.




Southern Comfort

A set of military drills turns into a real war for a group of US Army National Guard soldiers on exercise in Louisiana. The group gets lost in the woods and one of them shoots at the wrong person after stealing his canoe. A bad idea.




The Edge

Starring Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin and Bart the grizzly bear, this 1997 film is an underrated gem which follows a group of survivors struggling in the Alaskan wilderness.


the edge


The River Wild

What seems like a perfect family holiday in Idaho goes horribly wrong when dad jumps in the water and saves a man from drowning, little knowing that he’s actually on the run from the police. Featuring a great cast, including Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon and John C. Reilly, the whitewater canoeing scenes are particularly spectacular.




The Grey

This 2011 film follows a group of oil workers stranded in Alaska following a plane crash. Led by professional gunman Liam Neeson they battle both the freezing weather and a pack of wolves intent on stalking and eating them.



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