Gunplan’s Shooting Insurance: Totally Tailored Cover

From cars to clothes, there’s nothing better than customising every aspect of something vitally important to you, and why should shooting insurance be any different?

shooting insurance

One of the biggest complaints we hear about shooting organisations like BASC and Countryside Alliance is how restrictive they are. There’s only one bundle to choose from, and while some benefits might be fun and novel – car discounts, lapel badges and even discounts on gin and crisps* – for the price you end up paying, you really might not want to spend a fortune for things you never use. Particularly if you only want standard shooting insurance.

Instead, wouldn’t it be so much easier and convenient if you could build your ideal shooting insurance policy from the ground up? With Gunplan, you can.

Just want Public Liability cover and nothing else? Gunplan offer £10 million of Public Liability for just £22.50 for the whole year.

With Public Liability protection, you’re covered in case the worst happens on a shoot and you happen to injure another shooter or cause damage to property.

shooting insurance

Or if you just wanted to protect your equipment, our Equipment cover offers up to £50,000 of protection for theft and accidental damage of your shooting equipment. Cover starts from just £19 a year.

Additionally, you could choose Personal Accident cover up to £50,000, Worldwide cover and even Legal Protection.

Our motto is: “you only pay for the cover you need”, which is why, with Gunplan, you can pick and choose exactly what you want to include on your policy, rather than paying for extras you don’t need from costly membership organisations.


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*All bundle gifts correct as of 20/11/17

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