Are You Over-Insured For Shooting?

According to recent estimates, over 200,000 uninsured shooters shoot regularly in the UK. It’s a big issue, and extremely unfair on those sensible shooters who always have their confirmation card with them to protect themselves, others and their equipment from an unexpected accident. However, there is a growing issue for sensible shooters too – being over-insured.



Am I over-insured?

In shooting insurance terms, being over-insured happens when you end up being protected by two or more insurers for the same cover – often due to being a member of shooting associations.

Say, for instance, that you were a member of a clay pigeon shooting club – for the skill and practise it provides, as well as a game syndicate – then there’s a good chance both of them will have insurance for their members. If, as is highly likely, their insurance protects members against the same risks, they’re over-insured.


Why is over-insurance a bad thing?

First and foremost, there’s the cost. Both clubs will charge a fee to be a member, yet a large chunk of your membership fee will cover the insurance you receive. If both memberships are charging you a fee to provide the same insurance, it’s clear that at least one of them is a waste of money.

Secondly, there’s also the specific technical details of over-insurance. When it comes to Public Liability insurance, the most popular and most important part of all shooting insurance, you can only claim once in case of an accident. So, despite going to all the cost and potential hassle of being insured twice under two different club memberships, if you should cause injury to another shooter of property, only one of your insurers could pay out.


What’s the solution?

Your best bet is to ask your club for an ‘events-only’ membership, and save yourself time and money by using Gunplan for all your shooting insurance needs.

With £10 million of Public Liability cover for only £22.50 a year, you can immediately see the difference in costs without being tied to an organisation. What’s more, our Equipment cover offers up to £50,000 of protection for theft and accidental damage of your shooting equipment, with cover starting from just £19 a year.

Additionally, you could choose Personal Accident cover up to £50,000, Worldwide cover and even Legal Protection.

In the modern era of insurance, you shouldn’t have to be over-insured to enjoy your shooting. Take advantage of our 10% introductory discount and get your tailored instant quote today.

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