The Benefits of Shooting in a Syndicate

Up and down the country, syndicate shoots are run by teams of committed men and women who are united in their passion for shooting. Apart from coming together with other shooters, what other benefits are there to shooting in a syndicate?


1. The social factor

The first advantage that likely springs to mind is how sociable being a syndicate member can be. The friendliest syndicates have a very strong social side to them in the form of pre-season work parties, shoot meetings, summer BBQs and an end-of-season dinner – it’s a tough old life!

Even if the syndicate you’re a member of doesn’t offer all of these things, there’s no denying that syndicate membership puts you in direct contact with other shooters – giving you the best chance to continue practising the sport you love.

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2. Shared responsibility

Of course, the structure of a syndicate varies depending on which one you’re a member of. However, it’s almost guaranteed that everyone will have a part to play. Most syndicates keep costs down by getting members involved in the work that a shoot requires.

Everyone pulling together really adds a sense of fun and camaraderie to the shoot. Plus, the fact it keeps costs down is a win-win!

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3. Location

If you’re not currently part of a syndicate, it can seem like a daunting task trying to find one that meets all of your needs, let alone one that is local to you. However, the good thing about syndicates is that you can almost always find one that’s close enough to home that meets your expectations and budget.

To find local syndicates, we recommend checking out the ad columns of the Shooting Times – this magazine has long been the first port of call for syndicates to announce vacancies.

4. Choice and variety

One unexpected advantage is that there’s a huge amount of choice available – whether it’s a keeper-driven shoot with woods filled with birds, or the cheaper alternative of a walked-up mixed shoot.

If you sway towards a particular type of shooting, don’t resign to the fact that you’ll have to compromise for the sake of the syndicate. You can often take your pick from syndicates that specialise only in driven pheasants, partridges or exclusively duck; the same also applies to deerstalking and grouse shooting.

In short, whatever you’re looking for, there’ll be a syndicate out there for you.

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5. Syndicate membership saves you money

Paying the yearly membership fee is often kinder to the bank account than paying-by-the-day. If you find yourself often going on a pay-by-the-day shoot, the cost of these add up pretty quickly – not to mention the cost of travelling to each shoot’s location which might be hours away from home. If you’re a member of a syndicate that shoots locally, travelling costs are eradicated completely.

Being a member of one also saves you money on shooting insurance. Here at Gunplan, we offer specialist shooting insurance to protect each member of your syndicate. What’s more, syndicates of up to 5 members can get a 10% discount, while syndicates of 5 or more can get a 12% discount!

All it takes is just one quick phone call to our friendly UK-based Customer Service team on 08000 92 72 73, and you and your fellow syndicate members can get protected.

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