A Guide To Paintball Guns

Paintball is an exhilarating sport and a great social activity, so having the right equipment is vital if you want to make the most of it.

Here’s our handy guide to paintball guns to help you find the best gun for you.

Types of paintball gun

Most paintball guns can be divided into three categories:

Pump guns

These are the oldest types of paintball gun and are no longer very common. They’re similar to shotguns in that you have to pump the gun and the chamber so then it’s ready when you next want to fire. While they’re accurate and reliable, the pump action means it takes longer to fire shots, which is why these types of guns have fallen out of favour.

Electronically operated guns

While in the past these guns were quite expensive, they’ve become one of the more affordable and common options. They usually require a rechargeable battery or a volt battery and because they’re electronic, they can fire several shots within a short space of time.

Mechanical operated guns

Mechanical guns tend to be semi-automatics and are the most common type of paintball guns. They’re very easy to use and maintain, hence why they’re so common in the recreational game.

Things to consider when buying a paintball gun

Now you’re familiar with the types of paintball gun, you can now think about the other factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

Style of play

If you’re new to the sport, then you should purchase a paintball gun that’s reasonably priced and easy to use. For example, this set from FieldPB can provide you with everything you need when you’re starting out.

However, you could also be looking for something more realistic if you’re looking for a military simulation game. This gun from Tiberius is popular but  pricey, so you should only purchase this if you have plenty of experience and practise paintballing regularly.

Where you play

This is very important to bear in mind. When you choose the paintball gun you want, it’s vital to ensure you can use it wherever you want to play.

If you attend a specific paintball site, you should contact them first and make sure they’ll allow you to take your own gun. Many sites prefer players to use their guns so that everyone has the same level of equipment.

Other sites may be fine with you bringing your own paintball gun, although they may insist that it’s mechanical. That way, it’s at least similar to their equipment in terms of firepower.

Some sites also offer what are called “walk on days” where people who have their own equipment can turn up and play. These days often work out cheaper as well, as you typically only have to pay for standard entry.

Specialist paintballing insurance from Gunplan

While having the right paintball gun for you is important, it’s also a priority to ensure you have the right insurance. Without it, you run the risk of having to pay out if you damage your new gun or if you accidentally injure another player.

With our paintballing insurance, you will be able to play the sport you love without having to worry about anything. This insurance is underpinned by the Ripe Guarantee, which ensures that you’re guaranteed great cover and exceptional service at the right price. Get an instant online quote with us today by clicking on the button below.


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