Gunplan clay pigeon shooting insurance

If you participate in clay pigeon shooting, you’ll need a specialist clay pigeon insurance policy that protects you and your equipment in case you lose it, it is stolen or it gets damaged. Although people who take part in trap or skeet shooting do in general take their own safety and that of others extremely seriously, it’s essential that you have Public Liability insurance whilst shooting clay pigeon, just in case an accident was to happen.

Anyone that takes part in clay pigeon shooting should have insurance from an insurer that specialises in shooting. If you go to a club or to shooting grounds, most shoots will require you to provide proof of insurance before you’re allowed to participate.

Accidents unfortunately can and do happen. These can very swiftly become expensive, which is why it’s imperative to protect yourself with Public Liability should something go wrong. With our clay pigeon shooting insurance you can be covered for Public Liability as well as for Personal Accidents.

Public Liability cover with Gunplan covers you up to £10m but costs just £18.89 per year. We also provide you with a free Public Liability confirmation card that gives evidence of your insurance when you attend driven hunts, clubs or competitions.

Insurance for your clay pigeon shooting equipment

The vast majority of clay pigeon enthusiasts will have spent a significant amount of money on their shooting equipment. So therefore, if you were to have your equipment stolen, or you lose or damage it, you may have to pay thousands to replace your guns, ammunition or other accessories.

With Gunplan clay pigeon insurance, your shooting equipment is covered if you were to have it stolen from your vehicle (if kept in a locked boot or covered) or your gun cabinet. It is also covered if it is damaged or lost in transit. Theft and accidental damage of your shooting equipment can be covered up to £50,000 and we’ll even cover the cost of equipment hire in the event of a claim up to £200, meaning you can get back shooting in no time.

Many home contents policies don’t cover shooting equipment, especially when it is taken away from your home. This is completely impractical for clay pigeon shooters as every time you go clay pigeon shooting you will leave your home. This is why we made sure that our clay pigeon insurance policies can cover you wherever you are in the world.

Worldwide insurance cover for clay pigeon shooters

As a keen clay pigeon shooter, you may want to shoot abroad or take part in an international tournament. If you are away from the UK and take part in skeet and trap shooting, you will need specialist insurance to cover yourself and your equipment should something go wrong.

We’re pleased to be able to offer worldwide clay pigeon shooting insurance so you and your equipment are protected wherever you are. But at Gunplan, we think that clay pigeon shooters should only pay for the cover they require, which is why this cover is optional.

Insure today

Insure your clay pigeon shooting equipment against theft, loss and damage and cover yourself for Public Liability and Personal Accident whilst on a shoot with specialist insurance from Gunplan.

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