Shooting insurance FAQs

Shooting Insurance FAQs

Q. Who are Gunplan?

A. Gunplan is a trading name of Ripe Insurance Services Limited which is one of the largest niche insurance specialists in the UK.

Q. What is covered under shooting equipment?

A. Guns, sights, binoculars, ammunition, clothing, trophies and accessories specifically designed and purchased for shooting. Equipment cover starts from just £14.44 a year.

Q. Is there a maximum value I can insure my Shooting Equipment for?

A. You can insure up to £50,000 worth of shooting equipment. There is a single article limit of £12,000.

Q. If I buy a new gun during my period of insurance can I add it to my policy?

A. Yes, you can add additional shooting equipment at any point during the course of the year.

Q. Is the replacement cover on the policy for my equipment new for old?

A. Yes, the new for old cover applies to items up to 3 years old.

Q. Am I covered for shooting abroad?

A. We offer a Worldwide extension which will cover you abroad. Please note unlike some insurers offering Worldwide cover we include USA & Canada.

Q. What activities are covered under the policy?

A. You will be covered for any activity where you were physically engaged in shooting at a recognised shooting venue. These can include:

  • Deer Stalking
  • Wild Fowling
  • Driven Shooting
  • Rough Shooting
  • Pest Control
  • Clay Pigeon
  • Target Shooting
  • Black Powder Shooting
  • Archery
  • Air Gunning

Please contact our customer service team on if you participate in an activity which is not listed.

Q. How do I claim?

A. Notify our claims team by either telephone or email.

For policies incepted or renewed from 1st Jan 2016 and onwards

Q. Are there any age restrictions on the policy?

A.There are no age restrictions to take out a policy however the limits for Personal Accident cover do vary dependant on age. These are:
  • If you are under 18, the death benefit is reduced to £1,000
  • If you are over 80, the benefits are reduced to £5,000 and there is no cover for loss of hearing and permanent total disablement

Q. Does the insurance cover me for legal advice following my firearms licence being revoked?

A. Yes, you will need to select the legal cover extension. An excess of £1000 applies.

Q. Does the policy cover my pets including dogs and horses?

A. Gunplan do not provide cover for injury or death to any animals you own, we would advise you seek specialist pet or equine insurance for this which would include liability insurance should any of your animals cause injury or damage to third parties.

Q. Does the shooting liability insurance cover me if it is my occupation e.g. game keeper?

A. No, the shooting liability section will exclude any liability which has directly or indirectly occurred as a result of your profession or business.

Q. What is the excess on the policy?

A. There is a £50 excess for Shooting Equipment and Dental Treatment claims however this can be waived for an additional £6. Unlike other insurers we do not apply an excess to any Shooting Liability claims.

Q. What is classed as a recognised shooting venue?

A. A venue or area of land where you have permission to shoot and stay within the boundaries of that area.

Q. Will I be covered for items stolen from my car?

A. Yes, items must be out of sight in either a locked boot or covered luggage area, reasonable precautions must be taken to safeguard your guns as per your firearm or shotgun licence.

Q. Am I covered for any broken bones?

A. No we are only able to provide cover for serious injury including loss of limbs, loss of sight, loss of hearing, permanent total disablement and death.

Q. Do I need to list all my shooting equipment?

A. No, you just need to make sure that the value you have selected is adequate for everything you need to cover

Q. What is a Public Liability confirmation card?

A. The Public Liability confirmation card will provide evidence of your £10m Public Liability cover when attending a shoot. This card is only evidence of the Public Liability element of your insurance policy, whether you have opted for a Public Liability only policy or a policy that includes Equipment and Personal Accident cover.

Q. What does the Legal Protection cover me for?

A. Cover up to £100,000 is available if you are refused a new or renewal of a shotgun or firearm certificate. Cover also includes revocation or refusal to vary a firearms certificate, partial revocation of a firearms certificate and appealing against certain conditions imposed on a firearm or shotgun certificate. *Excess of £1,000 applies to revocation of licence.

Q. Who are Ripe?

A. We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in niche insurance products. Over 220,000 policyholders have already chosen Ripe for their sports, leisure, personal and business insurance. Our fresh approach to insurance is all about making insurance easy-to-buy, simple-to-understand, jargon-free and excellent value. We ensure that our insurance practices not only meet but exceed the standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority, giving our customers a clear understanding of our insurance products and providing a first-class insurance service. Find out about how we do things differently here.

Q. What is the Ripe Guarantee?

A. The Ripe Guarantee incorporates all the things that are great about Ripe. With the Ripe Guarantee, you’ll get great cover and exceptional service at the right price. Click here to find out more.