NFU Insurance

As a farmer, we understand that it’s important to the protection of your crops and livelihood to keep your land free of pests. In most cases, be it rabbits or pigeons, that involves pest shooting. If so, it’s important to ensure that you, your equipment and others are protected in case the worst happens while out hunting pests.

Public Liability cover for farmers

Despite how few people there might be around when you’re lining up your shot, you can never be completely safe – and accidents can get expensive very quickly. Gunplan’s specialist NFU shooting insurance will protect you and those around you if anything goes wrong. Our Public Liability insurance covers you up to £10 million, but costs just £21.59 per year.

Personal Accident cover for farmers

It’s not just other people you should be worried about when pest shooting, a clear priority should also be your own health and safety. From a gun misfiring to dental damage, there are countless ways to get injured while out shooting, which is why our NFU shooting insurance is so popular. With Personal Accident cover available, you can protect yourself while out and about with your guns today.

Insure today

Want peace of mind? Insure your shooting equipment against theft, loss and damage and cover yourself for Public Liability and Personal Accident with specialist insurance from Gunplan today.

Please note, Gunplan does not cover activities undertaken as part of your profession or business.

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