Paintball Insurance

Despite the protective gear and helmets that all paintball players are encouraged to wear, it’s surprising how many injuries still regularly happen in the field. That’s where Gunplan’s specialist Paintball Insurance comes in, particularly since the most essential parts of our Paintball Insurance cover injury – both to yourself and to others.

Gunplan’s Public Liability cover will ensure that if you injure someone else while paintballing, you won’t be landed with the bill – whether from the hospital or the courts. Our Personal Accident cover, meanwhile, can offer protection if it’s you that gets injured instead. Including Loss of Sight, Loss of Hearing and more, there’s no better way to be protected when out paintballing than with Gunplan’s Paintball Insurance.

Insurance for your paintballing equipment

While running around a paintball arena, it’s unfortunately all too common for paintball equipment to get damaged. With the majority of paintball guns costing between £500 and £1500, why risk having to fork out to replace or repair your guns yourself when you could be covered by Gunplan’s paintball insurance for a fraction of the cost?

Worldwide insurance cover for paintballers

One of the joys of paintballing is that it’s not restricted to a certain country, so you may want to take part in competitions or tournaments abroad. If so, you’ll need worldwide paintball insurance. That way, you and your equipment will be covered by Gunplan abroad in case something goes wrong.

Insure today

Insure your paintball shooting equipment against theft, loss and damage and cover yourself for Public Liability and Personal Accident whilst paintballing with specialist insurance from Gunplan today.

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